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Cooling System Crusties

Hi all:

I posted on this subject a little while ago and thought the answer was
some RTV sealant. Anyway, I'm getting a lot of crusty buildup at
almost _all_ collant hose connections.  Solution RTV...maybe.

Well the plot thickens.  I was under the hood yesterday just doing stuff
when I noticed some crusty under the turbo cooldown pump on the ABS
box.  Nothing unusual (for me anyway) but the crusty was on the plug
side of the pump.  Pulled the connector and it was wet!

This started happening after I replaced the afterrun relay so looks
like the pump is running now but...

Is it possible that the cause of these leaks is an expansion tank cap
relief pressure that is _too_ high? What else could it be? The leaking
around the hoses doesn't bother me nearly as much as the pump.  They
are way too much $$$.

As always, TIA

Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 238K Miles and a tad crusty.