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Re: I'm I getting ripped?

HO.O. wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have an 86 5k that
> I took to a mechanic
> for a timing belt change.
> he quoted me $60 for the
> job and I said ok.(I took off everything but timing belt)
> Now, the day after I took it
> to him he said that the large
> bolt would not come loose so the
> price was up to $200 for the job and
> again I said ok.
> The car was making a strange ticking
> sound *before* I took it to him and
> I thought the timing may have jumped a little,
> but after a new belt and adjustment, the noise is still there.
> So, now he has an estimate of $200 - $250 *more*
> than the $200 for the belt change to take the engine
> apart and fix this ticking noise.(it sounds bad
> to me, not the normal Audi tick.)
> My question is, does $400 -$450 sound like an ok price
> for a belt change and fixing this weird sound??
> Thanks for any input!
> -Obi-One
   He can't get the big nut loose, and you're going to trust him to
dissasemble your engine.  Get out while the gettens' good!!!

Bob Ringlien