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RE: 91 200qw instrument cluster

Well Frank, Although my car is the 854ksq, I am also having the same
problems. I've got bouncy needles, and my trip computer mpg's are all
screwed up. The trip computer went from reading 42MPG to 5 while getting
the brake partitioning valve fixed and the trans fluid changed. Im
wondering what might have happened, but mostly how to fix it. Anybody
got any ideas? Thanks!
Dustin Sysko
Visual Bitstream Inc.

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> From:	Stadmeyer, Francis [SMTP:stadmef@pweh.com]
> Sent:	Saturday, October 18, 1997 07:57 AM
> To:	'quattro@coimbra.ans.net'; 'Ed Kellock'
> Subject:	RE: 91 200qw instrument cluster
> I've been following this thread with slight interest since I don't
> have
> >a speedo problem but until you mentioned that the trip computer makes
> sense
> again (no more low fuel warnings at 1/2 tank) I was thinking
> (foolishly?) that all I had to do to fix my same problem was to
> "probably remove some connector somewhere and clean the contacts".
> Does
> this really require a re-solder of the PCB and if so any info you
> could
> pass on would be much appreciated. 
> Any body else with BTDT for the trip computer miles to empty problem.
> Frank Stadmeyer
> 91 200 Q
> 89 100 Q
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> >From: 	Ed Kellock[SMTP:EKELLOCK@ecs-inc.com]
> >Sent: 	Wednesday, October 15, 1997 3:59 PM
> >To: 	quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> >Subject: 	91 200qw instrument cluster
> >
> >I recently attacked the bouncing speedo needle problem armed with a
> >copy of the TSB and some extra "btdt" instructions courtesy of Sarge
> >Schutt (and others).  My needle is now still, I can use the cruise,
> and the
> >trip computer makes sense again (no more low fuel warnings at 1/2
> tank).
> >
> >Unfortunately, I did not get out of there without a snag.  One of the
> bulbs
> >used to illuminate the AutoCheck display will not illuminate.  It
> worked fine
> >before.
> >
> >There are two bulbs used to illuminate the panel.  One with a red
> rubber
> >and one with a yellow rubber [8-}].  The yellow illumination is used
> for
> >lesser warnings and the radio/tape display.  The red bulb is for more
> >important warnings and the radio/tape display when the lights are on
> >(dimmed mode).  
> >
> >I still get the serious warnings and the radio/tape display is
> visible when
> >the lights are on.  So I know the red bulb works and I know the
> display
> >panel itself is not on the fritz.  I can see the lesser warnings if I
> point a
> >flashlight at it at an angle.  I swapped the yellow bulb with the
> white bulb
> >in the high beam indicator slot and verified that the bulb is still
> good.
> >
> >Everything else seems to work fine.  Except the fasten seat belt
> warning
> >light.  But I'm not sure it worked before.  Or at least not since I
> removed
> >the warning chime relay several weeks ago.  The yellow bulb worked
> >right up until I fixed the speedo problem.  I will replace the
> warning chime
> >relay to see if that triggers the seat belt warning light.
> >
> >Originally I thought I had damaged the PCB track right next to one of
> the
> >solder points.  I have examined it much more closely and found two
> >things: 1) the trace is not damaged & 2) it does not seem to run to
> >anything even remotely connected to the yellow bulb.
> >
> >Unfortunately there is no diagram of the board in Bentley, so I have
> to
> >trace it by sight.  Does anybody out there have any ideas or btdt, or
> >better yet, a diagram of the acutal board tracks?  Can I lay this
> thing on a
> >copy machine and enlarge it without frying the board?  My swiss army
> >knife magnifying glass is about 1/4 inch in diameter and it's
> scratched.
> >
> >TIA
> >
> >Ed Kellock ................ Greenville, SC
> >91 200qw ................ 87 Coupe GT
> >
> >