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Re: electrical ticking under a '200 dash


I had a chattering/ticking sound coming from one of my
relays under the left side of the dash recently, this only
happened when the engine was warm/hot and the outside temp
was 80+ F. I found out that the injector cooling fan sensor
which is mounted on the exhaust heat shield had a loose
connection terminal. This loose connection was turning the
relay on and off rapidly which made the relay sound like
machine gun fire.

If your ticking noise is happening when the engine is cold
you may want to check the idle stabilizer relay. It is the
double wide relay behind the drivers side knee panel. If
memory serves me, last year  I needed to take mine apart
and fix a poor solder joint. I assume the ticking that you
are hearing is not coming from a clicking hydraulic lifter
or from an exhaust leak. 
Scott M.
89 200TQ
>      This morning a new noise manifested in my '89 200TQ.
 A ticking noise
>      to the left of the instrument cluster under the dash
>      speaker.  At first, I thought it was my turn signals
going nuts
>      but turning them on proved otherwise.
>      Text deleted