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Re: Dash Pot 88 5ktq

 # I'm referrng to the spring loaded dash pot on the 5ktqs.  It slows the
 # closing of the throttle plate.  
 # For emmisions?  For a driveabilty issue?  I hate the thing and yes it is
 # set right.  Done by Bentely
 # I hate the way the revs stay up, especailly between 1st-2nd shifts.
 # So if I remove it what is the downside?  Theres gotta be one right?  I'm
 # tempted to yank it off.
Yes, the primary purpose for the dashpot is to prevent the throttle plate 
from snapping closed and changing the A/F ratio on decel before the fuel 
gets shut off.  On an N/A car there probably isn't too big of a problem 
with removing it ... but I wouldn't recommend it on a turbo ... especially 
if you're running above stock boost.  When the TP slams shut you get a 
pressure spike ... which is already known to cause problems with the 
dashpot in place (blown IC => TB hoses, popped endcaps on ICs).  

My car does have the dashpot in place, and I can tell you I do not get 
the behavior you describe.  It could be that the dashpot is misadjusted 
or bad ... or it could even be that your ISV is causing the slow return 
to idle ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)