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Re: Fuel pump roulette

     >Scott wrote:
     >*  ALL in tank fuel pumps should have the lower screen removed per 
     >Audi TSB covering 1986-1991 5k and 200 model cars, ck archives, I 
     >already posted the procedure.
     >>Phil wrote:
     >>when the FP fails-- what happens that is able to get past the fuel
     >>filter and cause damage to: (1) fuel head, (2) injectors, (3) fuel
     >>regulator, etc?  I understand crapping up the fuel tank, and I don't 
     >>say the rest _doesn't_ happen, but why?  Seems the FP decomposes into 
     >>microscopic pieces that pass right through the filter?
     >>Also, does Audi recommend permanent removal of the FP lower screen? 
     >>Not cleaning, or replacing with a new one? I assume the problem is 
     >>that the screen clogs up with crud from the fuel tank(?) If so, won't 
     >>that stuff continue to cause a problem--somewhere else?
     Humm...I've followed this thread very closely from the beginning.  'cuz 
     mine FP is also making a humming noise too.  :(
     Anyway, I have the same question...as Phil's above.  And, is it 
     considered as a "dirty" marketing strategy from Audi (or whoever issued 
     the TSB) to encourage all of us to remove the "lower screen" 
     permanently so it will shorten the life of the FD.  Then, all of us 
     would have to replace the Fuel Distributor sooner than its normal life? 
     (Of course, if there is no "lower screen" to trap the "garbage" from 
     the FP, those "garbage" will pass to the FD, and then, injectors.  Pls 
     correct me if I'm wrong.  The damn FD is not cheap + replacing the 
     injectors is a major PITA.  May be I'm too cynical.)
     Can some experts on this topic shed me some (more) lights.  (I don't 
     want to play the FP-roulette.)
     '89-90 non-q (70+K miles w/ humming FP)
     Internet: achoeypatkul@unicef.org