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Starts then Dies

I'm considerring buying a freinds 4000s, but it doesn't want to run. Hera
are the facts: It starts up fine, runs for 5-10 seconds, then dies. Opening
the throttle kills it instantly. The cold start injector is required for the
initial startup. The fuel pump is running OK, even bypassing the relay
(always on) did not help. 
We assume that it is fuel starvation- maybe a clogged filter or crud in the
lines. So the questions: Besides the filter, are there other devices/place
that are likely to get clogged? Is it likely that the fuel pump is bad
(147kmiles)? How bad of an idea is to disassemble the fuel distributor? If
not the fuel system, the what else do you think might be doing this?
This sounds alot like problem that Robert Bailey posted today (Hard Cold
Start), so I'll watch his responses too.
Any help would be much appreciated. I'd love to get this car, but I'm not
going to commit myself to a car that doesn't run. Thanks