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4ks fuel filters

Hi all,

So, as I'm gradually going over my Audi (4ks) acquisition and trying to put 
things right, I come to the rear (for a lack of a better word) fuel filter, the big metal canister job.  The previous owner had supposedly changed it recently,
(and it does look relatively clean/new compared to the rest of the underside)
but I note that there are two (2) other filters back there, inline with the
metal one.  The other filters are both smaller generic plastic types.  What's 
up with that?  Its not normal is it?  (didn't see them in my manual)  Maybe
an attempt to save the expensive ($30) can by precleaning with cheap disposable
$2 rigs?  An other ideas?   If they're not supposed to be there, by instinct is
to remove them.  OTOH, they probably weren't put there for nothing?   Lastly,
since I assume there's an in-tank pump, can I just get rid of them without
spilling a tankfull of fuel all over the place?  Thanks for any tips.


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