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RE: Motor blown on my 4kcsq :-(

Sorry to hear of your loss but do not panic. Engines are very cheap for this 
car.  You can find an engine for less than $200 and you could have it in, in a 
short weekend.   The turbo conversion is a possibility but will take over 
$2500 and a lot more time (1-2 months).  You could have the boys in california 
do it for about 4500 and its not that bad of a deal.  $4500 is a lot cheaper 
than any of the other cars on your list and quite a bit quicker too.
I just saw someone selling an engine on the list for $100 jump on that.
Pat Martin
864000csq  2 1/2 cat back, H&R-Boge,advanced and loving it.  Drilled and 
stopping it.  Koenig Cobra 16x7 with AVS Intermediates, turbo coming soon, 
95 subaru legacy 
Bothell, Wa

Hi Folks,
It is with great sorrow that I write this message. I loaned my 87 4kcsq
to a friend for a drive to Kansas City and according to him, just before
Des Moines, the engine light came on and the engine stopped. He is not
very mechanical but he says that some of the inerts of my motor are
poking through the motor. He is having the car towed back today, but I
am depressed beyond all means.
I bought my 4kq with 107K on it. I have put 35k on it, with lots of
highway driving. The car is(was) in pretty good shape, except for
wanting a new exhaust. I am thinking that the timing belt broke during
the drive, which caused the pistons to crack or something along those
lines, I have not seen the car yet so I can't really say what happened.
So I am without transportation and mortally depressed because of this
loss. I am looking at my options now, in another car or a replaced
motor. Does anyone have any ideas on buying a new 5 cylinder motor? I
would love to get one from a turbo quattro and bolt it on my 4kcsq, but
I will settle for anything. It is my only car and I would have to look
really hard to find a car that matches the performance, reliability and
worthiness of my 4kcsq. 
For example, I like the Mercedes 190E's, but the one that I would want
is the Cosworth 16v, which is pretty expensive, the 2.3's offer the same
horsepower as my 4kcsq, without quattro! I am not a big BMW 3 series
fan, not because of the automobile, I think they make great driving
machines, but because of the stigmas associated with BMW's. The car I
would love to have is a Porsche 928S (81-84), but that is a dangerous
option during winter. A 200 turbo quattro is another excellent option,
except (come on guys be gentle) I think they are a little too big for my
taste. Of course, I would love to have an A4, but that is not in my
price range. Other then that, I am looking at Alfa Romeo Milanos and VW
Corrados, both of those cars are not something that I am very excited
about, having owned an Alfa Romeo GTV-6, although I have no real
experience with Corrados. Maybe a Masserati Biturbo . . . . .
So there it is guys. Please help me out on this. Meanwhile I am dreaming
about a turbocharged 4kq. 
Saqib Mausoof
Enabling Technologies