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Re: Rims and chips for a 200q 20v

I have MSW type 55 rims -- 16X7.5" and I don't know the offset, but they
probably came from Tire Rack.  They work fine with the UFO brakes.

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200TQ

At 03:08 AM 10/21/97 UT, you wrote:
>I need some advice from the list.  I have two questions:
>1)  Does anyone have any suggestions on rims for a 1991 200q sedan with UFO 
>brakes.  If you have installed aftermarket rims, could you give me the brand, 
>size, offset, and tire size used.
>2)  I am lucky enough to live 40 miles from Ned Ritchie's Intended 
>Acceleration shop.  I am considering doing the Stage Three modification to my 
>car.  Could anyone that has done this give me their opinion on what the 
>positives and negatives are.  Did you need to do any other modifications, such 
>as an S4/6 head gasket, silicone intercooler hoses etc.?
>You can contact me at deputer@msn.com if you do not feel the list would be 
>Thanks in advance!  This list is great for Audi owners.  The only problem is 
>that when someone describes a problem, it always sounds familiar, and 
>therefore turns out to be expensive!
>Dave Puterbaugh
>Gig Harbor, Wa
>1991 200q sedan, 60k, bone stock for now