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Re: Turkey kind of sound

>OK, maybe not "rattly" (lifters I describe tapping, other's use rattle,
>I know), how about "loose" or even "gobbly" (yes, like a turkey, that 
>last one is a stretch, but if you've heard the sound, you'd know what 
>I mean).  It's coming from the front.

DOH!  Another turkey in the engine!!

This sound showed up on my car immediately following a timing belt and
water pump replacement that I performed.  At first, I thought I had done
something wrong, but I rechecked my work and everything seemed to be
OK.  The sound only occurs in the RPM range right above idle, and sounds
EXACTLY like a turkey gobble-gobble (notice my highly accurate, technical
terms here).  I have not noticed the noise lately, but I could just be
inured to it by now.  After several thousand miles of driving it like
this, I am not inclined to delve back into the front end.  The engine
seems to run well, without any harmful effects from whatever causes the

Someone else mentioned a "noise" from their water pump (two of them,
actually) in the 1100-1500 rpm range.  I don't know for sure, but this
sounds like it might be the same problem.  

'85 Coupe GT, doesn't much like Thanksgiving!
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