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Re: Hard Cold Starting...

Rob, if it was a turbo I would say vacuum leak, but maybe that is still
possible.  Have you checked your cold start valve as well?


>Date: Mon, 20 Oct 97 10:09:15 -0600
>From: Robert Bailey <baileyr@direct.ca>
>Subject: Hard Cold Starting...
>My 87 5000S (with NF engine) is starting to have a cold starting problem. 
>It actually starts fine, but then immediately dies. I suspect the ISV, 
>since I had some problems with it before, cleaned it and the went away. 
>If you hold down the gas it will run, but the first time I saw it 
>happening, it would hesitate off an idle and pop (backfire) like crazy. 
>Holding down the gas eventually would build up the revs, but it sure 
>didn't want to run. It took thirty seconds for it to go over, say 1100 
>RPMs, hesitating all the way. It doesn't seem to act this way now if you 
>give it plenty of throttle as you start it and hold the revs up once its 
>running. Any ideas?