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A4 Door Panel Removal

My front passenger side panel had a rattle.  Barrier wound up replacing the
whole panel, because the tweeter is integral and can not be
removed/repaired/remounted separately.  I suggest you just take it in to

Audi of America requires your dealer give you a loaner if it will be
overnight.  Also, remind them that the '97 door panel is different from the
'96.  Mine was out-of-service longer than expected because a '96 panel
arrived, with velour on the armrests!

>Subject: A4 Door Panel Removal
>Greetings all.
>     Has anyone had the experience of removing the front passenger 
>doorpanel on the '97 A4? Is there a FAQ where the instructions are, or is 
>this something to live with until a scheduled service and then get the 
>dealer to take care of. There is a rattle in the door that I think is 
>caused by a loose speaker mount, but I'm kind of leary of tearing into 
>the door without some idea of what I'm getting into...
>Any assistance would be appreciated.