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Re: Colored guage faces...

10/21/97 12:35 AM dhead@sundial.net

>I've emailed a company asking them if they would require a minumum order to
>produce colored guage faces (white) for the stealth tq - I'd like to know
>who might be willing to buy a set. This would be 160 mph speedo, tach, temp,
>and gas for the 86-88 tq.  I've offered my spare guage set as a template, if
>need be...

I'd also suggest using a temp gauge face from a Canadian 5000 CD, It's 
actually marked with some temps!

> I believe that 89-91 had the cutout on the speedo, correct? Plus the later
>model curved dash added the oil pressure guage.
>Please let me know. I won't say it would be cheap, but it may be a once in a
>lifetime deal for us 'older Audi' owners if they're willing.

Okay, I'll take two set's.  Thanks!


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
'87 5KCSTQ with WAY too many toys
St. Louis, MO