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Re: 91 220q tires (was A8 speed limiter)

>Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 20:59:03
>To: kerry griffith <kerry.griffith@m.k12.ut.us>
>From: Bryan Kamerer <kamerer@concentric.net>
>Subject: Re: 91 220q tires (was A8 speed limiter) 
>At 05:04 PM 10/20/97 +0000, you wrote:
>>>Linus writes:
>>>I think you missed my point:  the '91 200q  _came_ with >V-rated tires
(good to 149mph).
>> Ah ain't sho, but I thought at least some of the 91 200qs 
>>came w/H-rated tars. I'll have to check my window 
>>sticker & EC article.
>        I have copies of Audi marketing brochures from 1991 for both the
200/200tq and V8.  They state that 215/60 HR15 were the optional rubber with
the BBS wheels.  This was true of the V8.  I think both the 200tq and V8
came with VRs in '90.
>        Bryan Kamerer
>        '91 V8 5spd.