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Re: 5KTQ featured in European Car (91 200q)

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It will be the 91 200q (mine, actually). It will also feature an 86 5ktq
wagon fitted with a V8 front fascia (Max McDonald's tq wagon - AVS) and
a bunch of other modifications. I don't know when it will appear except
to say that they haven't yet sent me a spec sheet for my car (detailing
my modifications, etc) and they generally have the future issues done a
couple months in advance.

So I expect it won't be out until at least January (I imagine they're
timing the 'quattro edition' to snow season for mag sales -> snow =
higher overall consumer interest in awd). I will post to the list when I
find out for sure which issue it will run in, though.


91 200q (TAP, Bilstein/Eibach, etc etc.)
86 5ktq (I.A., Borla, officially up for sale in the near future - mint
condition 127k miles)