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Re[2]: Fuel pump roulette

     Hi Scott,
     Many thanks for your prompt reply.  I'm totally agreed w/ you.  Also, I 
     can see...why the Audi thinks this FP screen is a redundant (since 
     there is a fuel filter next in line), and send the TSB to tell us to 
     take it out.
     But...humm...if the FP screen--the one you took it out, was clocked up 
     w/ those brown silts.  (Gotta check mine this weekend.)  Anyway, do you 
     think we might end-up w/ replacing the FF more frequently than it 
     should be?  (Well..that's another way to get some of us--who do not 
     want to get their hands dirty, to go back to the dealer, of course, for 
     the FF replacement more often.)
     Thanks again,
     '89-90 non-q (70+K miles & humming FP)
     Internet: achoeypatkul@unicef.org

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Subject: Re: Fuel pump roulette
Author:  QSHIPQ@aol.com at INTERNET
Date:    10/20/97 11:52 PM

I'll risk the caps.  THE FP SCREEN IS REDUNDANT.  
Here's the deal.  There is a screen that sits in the plastic tank baffle.
 The  FP sits in a plastic seal that sits down into the baffle with the
screen.  Audi, with the TSB is eliminating 1 of 3 safeguards to EXTERNAL 
schrapnel.  1 is the baffle screen, 2 is the FP screen, 3 is the FF.  2 
safeguards is plenty for EXTERNAL.  For the INTERNAL FP derived schrapnel, 
think of it this way:
Assume the FP is loud cuz it's screen is clogged.  Since the FP schrapnel 
(INTERNAL SCHRAPNEL - defined) will start upstream of BOTH the FP screen AND 
the tank baffle screen, the only thing that is saving the FD is the FF.  So 
eliminating the FP screen is hardly a risky proposition in this case.
FYI, I saved the FP screen (per TSB cause: brown silt from tank liner 
material clogging FP screen = loud FP symptom).  Holding it up to light shows 
that about 10% of the area of the screen is free.  Not good.
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