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Help purchasing '87 4000CSQ

Okay, here is the final post about buying a car for me, hopefully <g>

Ever since I got my first Audi, 1980 4000 back in 1989, I have been
seriously hooked.  But, I've always longed to have the big boy 4000, the
4000CSQ.  Now, I've found one that I like, and I need some advice from the
Q-listers for this Q to make the final cut.

The car is an '87 4000CSQ.  100k miles, cloth interior.  Engine and
drivetrain are all as strong as hell.  :)  The owner (2nd) has done all
major repairs himself (grew up in Germany in the auto repair business),
including:  timing belt, water pump, all hoses, brake rotors/pads, and
exhaust.  He uses Mobil 1 synthetic religiously... all repairs done within
1-2 years.  Leaks nothing, uses no oil, AC doesn't leak...

1) odometer doesn't work -- how much to fix this guy?  I like to track
my mileage.

2) rear power window switches in the front don't work (sounds common)
blaufergnugen has 'em for 19.95, but I don't *really* care.

3) power door locks keep blowing their fuse after a couple days, but work
otherwise.  Any q-listers have this problem?  I want this one fixed...

4) Power mirrors broken.  Heh... seen this thing a million times.
Couldn't really care less, except to know how much to get working. (about)

5) One door handle needs replacing (oh yeah, this is common)...

6) And, finally, we need a little touch up paint on the hood (rock chips),
and on lower side of the driver's side door.  Any q-listers have any idea
how much this small paint job goes for?  Otherwise, the paint is good, and
he has 'rust-proofed' the areas with rock chips.  It just looks a little

All in all, this car is a strong runner.  I've been searching for a 4kcsq
for so long, I don't want to get in over zealous!

So, any $$$ estimates to get 'er in pristine shape?

Oh yeah, she needs some new rubber soon -- any suggestions?


                    [PGP] finger mchang@ece.nwu.edu