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Re: Headlight woes, '84 5k

Regarding your high-output lights and the autocheck system,

Several listers have posted to the archives about using high-output lights
and the quality of the stock lighting system.  The consensus seems to be
that it will eventually lead to toasted wiring, headlight connectors, and
burned headlight switches, as the circuit uses no relays in stock form.

The archives have instructions for wiring a set of relays with fuses
(some people advocate two, some four) directly to the
engine-compartment positive terminal and using the stock headlight
switch to trip the relays.  I will be doing this modification on my own car
this coming weekend...my dad's headlight switch just gave out last night
and spurred me to take this ounce of prevention.  This saves the stock
switches and wiring from carrying the extra load and also results
(according to the posters) in less voltage drop before the filaments, I.e.,
brighter lights.  Sounds good to me!

Al Powell's web page has a procedure for disabling the auto-check
system based on Igor Kessel's elegant fix once this modification is done:


I don't know if the autocheck system works in the same way on your '84
but it seems likely.  

Best Wishes,

'86 5KCSTQ