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Re: [Fwd: more humor/wasted bandwith]

Here we go again...

At 1:05 AM -0500 on 10/21/97, James Marriott wrote:
> Audial@aol.com wrote:

<some serious snippage>

> The good news is that insurance companies are looking at raising the
> rates for these cows something like 20%, since every collision involving
> one is invariably fatal to all participants:  before flipping over the
Well, no, more like it's fatal to the people the SUV hits.

Something that's related is a press release by Volvo
Trucks(www.trucks.volvo.com.se I think)
...they now have a super-strong steel second bumper of sorts, that's welded
to the frame...I don't remember what they called it, but the purpose was to
block cars from getting sucked under the truck in a collision.   Volvo did
a study, and found that one of the leading causes of death in car vs. 18
wheelers was the truck going over the car, so they put in the bar which is
much lower than the bumper and blocks the car.

It's interesting that with all the bad press and obvious safety concerns,
Volvo probably won't come out with a SUV(I think they had one in the
works.)  The reason they stopped production of the Volvo convertible way,
way back was because of the "lack of technology to make convertibles equal
in safety to a sedan" or something like that.  Apparently, they fixed that,
and hence the new Volvo convertibles and coupes, which I have yet to see on
the streets anywhere(MA, NY,WI+IL), even though they've been out for at
least a year...


Brett Dikeman
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