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You're-a-peein' lights?

In message <s44ccf2e.091@hlthsrc.com> Eric Renneisen writes:

> The adjustment screws didn't seem to do much, so I just 
> used the brute force method (align lights before tightening 
> mount screws).

I asked several garages to align my lights during the first round of services 
I had done.  They all said they'd done it (_including_ BR Motorsport) and I 
could never see a difference.  Finally I dismounted the lights, put them on a 
bench, and tried every cross-head screwdriver in my possession on the adjusters.
(I have a lot of cross-head screwdrivers.  Or at least a lot of bits.)

None would turn any of the adjusters, with the single exception that I could 
move one of the H1 driving reflectors one way but not the other.  They were all 
so burred out that no screwdriver would grip them.  
I ordered 8 new brass adjuster screws (# 855 941 141A) and 8 new press-on clips 
to hold the adjuster levers in place on the end of them (# 855 941 135) from 
The Parts Department - total cost GBP20.88, or $32.  I have Cibies - YMMV. I 
cut off the old clips, wound out the old adjusters with a variety of evil 
gripping instruments, spread liberal amounts of graphite grease on the new 
adjusters, and wound 'em in.  You can push the clips over the ends with a 6mm 
Wow!  Real _ADJUSTABLE_ lights!

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club