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[Fwd: Turkeys and timing belts]

I thought I copied this to the list, but I don't think I did.

If I sent two copies to the list, I apologize!!


luis@odf.UCSD.EDU (Luis Patino) wrote:

> Perhaps your power steering (hydraulic) pump? The power steering pump
> in my 4ksq makes exactly the turkey sound you describe - especially if
> water or moisture gets into it. It shuts up after a while - when it
> dries out, I pressume. Lubricating its pulley-side bearing has shut it
> up for now. The pump is, yes, at the very front on top of the driver's
> side of the engine. Let me know if that's it.
> Luis - '85 4ksq


So to wrap it up, based on the recent info, we can say it's the water
I replaced mine with a Graf pump (I believe, I'll check later) and
pretty much when it started.  This diagnosis is supported by Robert's
below.  It's not the power steering pump on his car, because it's not
up, but makes the sound.

> Robert W Obrien <rwo@u.arizona.edu> wrote:
> I have heard the sound- only at 1000 rpm. Quite like a turkey. The reason
> I think it's the Graf h20 pump? Came in right when it was installed. And,
> I run what is apparently the only unassisted 5k in the land- Superman
> jokes aside, I weigh 140- it's no problem handling wise- no PS belt on
> mine. No pentosin loss either- 
> But yes, I think those Grafs have a weird bearing or something. Having
> paid to do the t-belt twice, and both Grafs making that confounded squawk,
> I'll do it myself later this year- and use a different brand of pump...

I used a Graf pump when I replaced the t-belt/lifters/H2O pump/VC

And furthermore, Eric adds:

> ejfluhr@austin.ibm.com (Fluhr)
> This sound showed up on my car immediately following a timing belt and
> water pump replacement that I performed.  The sound only occurs in the 
> RPM range right above idle, and sounds EXACTLY like a turkey gobble-gobble 
> (notice my highly accurate, technical terms here).  

I'm still getting a big kick out of the fact that you guys know what I'm
about.  I must be really bored.

Problem is, my car idles high.  I've slowed it down a tad, but I need to
it down even more.  It seems to creep up.  It also likes to stay idling
after 'spirited' driving especially.  You think the screw is turning?

So, _anytime_ my car is idling, it's like Thanksgiving!
(until I fix the idle again)

Has anyone had any experience with Graf pumps failing?  Is there anyone
there that knows they have a Graf pump, and it's not a turkey?

Let's collectively draw some conclusions from this, and prevent any more 
Audis from turning into turkeys.  It's rather unbecoming.

Maybe they can fix the problem if they know it's fairly widespread.

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