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Re: Disc Brake Light

On Mon, 20 Oct 1997 12:47:44 -0400 "Sean Ford" <sean@nwh.org> writes:
>   You may need new pads, but before you do anything check your brake 
>level it may be low.
>Sean Ford
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>From: David Torrey <rne905@MAINE.MAINE.EDU>
>>The disc brake light illuminated on my 100 quattro wagon with 59K
>>miles.  Does this light come on based on mileage or on actual wear?
>>My manual says to visit my local Audi dealer for service.  Do I need
>>any special tools to replace pads?  If there is a sensor should that
>>be replaced as well?  Any help would be appreciated.  I guess it's
>>time to purchase Bentley manual, which I understand is now available.

No, the symbol on autocheck that looks like this  (0) is to tell you that
pads are shot.  Brake fluid level will light a different symbol.  The
indicator will also light if there is an open circuit in the wear
indicator circuit.
i.e. broken wire to the caliper.  If this is the case and wire can't be
spliced, you
can just connect the wire to ground and the light will go out.

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