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Re: Makin' Whoopie

At 05:31 PM 10/21/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Fellow Audians,
>I keep watching the tube for an Audi advertisement (<-- Audi content).
>All I keep seeing/hearing is some stupid Cadillac add where the theme
>song is Makin' Whoopie. Two questions:
>    (1) Has any one seen any Audi adds?

Yes.  A fairly new ad has a couple parked in an A4 Avant.  They park at a
scenic lover's lane type place overlooking a body of water.  The car rocks
and bounces to the accompaniment of groans and gasps, etc.  Finally the
couple emerges from the tailgate clothed in their wet suits.  :-)

>    (2) Has any one seen the guy hump the Caddy?

No, but I've heard someone say something like that a time or two.  :-)

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