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Re: Turkey sound and fuel injector QUESTION

> So, a puller is required and necessary?  I heard you can just pop the
> out with certain pressure applied with a flat screwdriver.  Is this
> absolutely wrong?
No, you can do it with a screwdriver, but the puller is cheap and makes
it easier as well as distributing the force on both sides of the
injector instead of pushing heavily sideways.

>> '91 200 tq (motronic, whole different enchilada)
>> '86 4kq (CIS injectors, check your seals and seats folks) 

> I take that as a suggestion to replace the seats as well?  Definitely,
> because I'm "in there"?  Or, just inspect them?
I changed all of mine, but I had two bad ones on a 4 cyl. 
Opinions anyone?