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Re: Ordering a new A4TQ has evolved into a habit

Josh Pinkert wrote:

> The red tail lights were announced a while back.  They are the euro tail
> lights...orange ones were ONLY sent to the US.

Josh, I double checked with various Euro-A4 photos, including the killer yellow Abt 
A4 from the Abt catalogue. All of them distinctively show orange blinker lenses. 

> Well, it needed improvement in some areas.  The sport suspension package is
> a welcome option, especially for $400.

On a 2.8 30v. 
For a 1.8T it is a ~$750 option.

>I was really happy to find out that in 1997
> they allowed an anthracite interior with Europa Blue exterior.

Yes, it was gorgeous, that's what I had on my '97, which I passed up.
Lucky you :)
> All I can say is that you win some, you lose some.  It seems like the
> longer you wait, the less perfect the car gets for you.  I bet that you'd
> have been much happier with a '97.  You'd have better seats and you'd have
> been driving a car for the past 4 months.  Plus, for approx. $1000 you
> could have added a better sport suspension package (audi sport package
> springs, Koni shocks).  When the crappy tires wear out, you replace them
> with Pirelli P7000SS 225/50 R16 tires...giving you all season capability
> and great dry/wet performance.

You might be right on this one. Oh, well.


Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ - on order...again. For the third time and counting.
Philadelphia, PA