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Re: HELP!! (exhaust problem)

Armstead, Brian wrote:
>  My '89 200 (early production) has had a problem since I bought it in Jan
> '97.  Twice already studs have broken on the exhaust manifold ( at least
> that is what I've been told, the car really sound like a freight train in
> the morning, the noise lessens as the car warms up-but never goes away),
> and now my mechanic tells me that the car probally overheated at some
> point (with the previous owner) and I should replace the exhaust
> manifold, as the studs will probably keep breaking (he said the manifold
> is curling out on the ends, and will never seat properly).

Welcome to the club, Brian. BTDT 3 times already. The manifold should be 
checked for warpage and trued on a mill next time you have it out.
> What are my options?  Did my car come with the "two-piece" manifold?

No, but I believe it is available as a spare part from Audi as a 
supersession for the crappy OEM mfld.
> Are there any aftermarket options (performance oriented-but I do
> have to pass a smog test in Maryland, and I'm  interested in something
> very noisy)?

Ivor sells one (actually it's a header -- five individual *snakes*), and so 
does Ned. Both are said to drop the turbo kick-in point down low on the 
tach. I rode in both cars, that was FUN!

> P.S. - The last time he fixed it he pulled the head (said it would be
> less of a headache) and replaced the head gasket while he was in there.
> I'm assuming he'll pull the head again.

It's not really neccesary. I easily do it with the head in place, just pull 
the intake mfld and the air box out. No need to drain the coolant either.

> Can the head gasket be re-used?

It's like re-using a condom: save a coupla bux and then worry for 9 months 
in a row, have I gotten away with it??? =8)

> I have some lifter noise around 4-5.  Should I replace the lifters as
> well while the head is off?

I would. So easy to do, just take the cam off.

> Does Raceware make exhaust manifold bolts?

Alas, no, only the head bolts.

> Anyone used thier products?

Yes, some of the listers did. Mike Z, care to comment?

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ - on order...again. For the third time and counting.
Philadelphia, PA