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Re: I can see with 5k in-bumper driving lights!

Hmmm, John read my mind.  I bought a pair of Hella 550 driving lights for $59 that I was going to install in the bumper by cutting holes just inside the 
bumper struts (somewhere between flush and a cm back).  It's about the only good thing about having those great big 5mph bumpers.  I wanted to make the 
install as stealthy as possible and this seemed the easiest and tidiest solution (not to mention almost 1/10th the price).  I might just take a closer 
look at the precut hole where the indicator goes.

I have printed out the DOT specs for headlights (I think - haven't actually read all 56 pages yet) and I'm going to see what they say.


On 10/21/97 21:48:24 you wrote:
>With all this talk about the bad US 5kt/200 headlights, I'll share what I
>did to improve my night vision.  I installed a pair of Pilot PL-1055C
>driving lights.  "Big deal," you say.  "Everyone is installing driving
>lights to get around the problem."
>The neat thing about the Pilot PL-1055C's though, is that they fit very
>nicely in the bumper of the 5k/100/200/tqc/ etc., etc. cars that have the
>amber turn signals in the front bumper.  So nicely in fact, that they look
>stock.  Installation is very straight forward.  You have to remove the
>bumper and drill one hole per light.  You also have to make your own wiring
>harness as the one they provide is too short and doesn't use a relay.
>I moved the turn signals to the amber side lights (the ones next to the
>headlights).  The lamp wattage is not exactly right, so the signals brink a
>little fast...no big deal as I will correct this when I install the euro
>lights from a Audi 100 (they have the big amber side markers).
>Total cost is <$50 too!  If you can't find them in a autoparts store near
>you, let me know.  I finally feel safe again driving in the forest to my
>house at night!