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Blown motor...

400 bux to swap the motor on an Audi, any Audi, is a pretty good deal in
my opinion.  Maybe you should think about doing the clutch, etc., while
he's in there...you'll (hopefully) never have to touch it again and the parts
aren't that expensive.

BTW, what caused the motor to throw a rod?  Loss of oil pressure?
Catastrophic failure of the rod itself?  Over-revving (did your friend
accidentally shift into second or something)?  This is a failure mode that
has been thankfully _very_ rare on the Quattro list..normally the bottom
end of the I-5 is very tough as long as they have good oil; witness the
many cars on the list running in the region of 300 horsepower with stock

<...cut to Jake and Elwood in the front seat of the Bluesmobile...
< BOOM! CLATTER CLATTER CLATTER {smoke, oil sprays on the
windshield, wipers smear it around}
< Elwood: ..I think we've thrown a rod..
< Jake: Is that _BAD_?

Happy hunting finding a good engine!  You're right, it's much too good a
car to send to the scrapper or leave lying fallow with a hole in its heart

Best Wishes,

'86 5KCSTQ