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Re: Oil in the Intake System

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        The discussion of oil in the intake system reminded me of a 
     question I've been meaning to ask the list.  A reputable Audi mechanic 
     told me that the oil from the PCV gets into the intake and then into 
     the vacumn system.  This oil is what causes failure of the vacumn 
     solenoids of the AC programmer head.  Apparently their was a TSB from 
     Audi on this and Audi designed a special part to fix the problem but 
     according to this mechanic Audi solution was so overly complicated 
     that he developed his own which is to put a small lawn-mower size in 
     line plastic fuel filter on the main vacumn hose going to the engine.  
     Then the oil then collects in this filter and the vacumn solenoids are 
     saved.  Anyone BTDT with this problem or a similar solution? I plan on 
     trying it when I R&R my solenoids soon.
     Patrick Kelly
     '87 5kSQ (with only the defrost vent open)