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RE: Sucky-to-the-Max (tm) US Lights

D'oh! Man, what a blunder! I was thinking euro mainland the whole time.
So sorry!
As my grandfather used to say:
     "Here in the US, we drive on the right side of the road, but back
in The United Kingdom, we drive on the _correct_ side."

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> "Sysko, Dustin" writes:
> > Please excuse my naivete, but this seems to be a good reason that we
> > _should_ use UK lights in the USA! Nothing like seeing where yer
> going,
> > while not blinding the oncoming traffic.
> > > They're also asymmetric, pushing more light along the edge of the
> road
> > > and 
> > > deliberately away from oncoming traffic.  _DON'T_ try and use UK
> > > lights in the 
> > > USA.
> No, because of the assymetry.  You drive on the right - so you want to
> illuminate towards the right to light up the kerbs and drain covers.
> In the 
> UK, we drive on the left and so our lights throw to the left - in the
> USA you 
> would blind oncoming traffic.
> If you do the Euro conversion, you need lights as used on the European
> mainland, where they also drive on the right.  UK parts suppliers can
> get 
> these, if you prefer to deal in English, but you have to be specific
> about 
> where you want to use them.
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>  Phil Payne
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