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Re: Oil temp. and pressure gauges/senders

> I have a oil temp/oil pressure/volts gauge panel taken off a scrap Audi Coupe
> with the intention of fitting in our Audi 90 ('86) and was wondering where the
> oil temp. sender might be.  This oil pressure sender is a round metal canister
> with two wire connectors.

The sender mounts on the lower left of the block.  The body is grounded to the
engine block.  A blue/white wire goes to the "T" terminal of the gauge, the
other two connections are black/blue (ignition after load reduction relay) and
ground.  The harness I'm looking at seems to have T and ground switched...  The
oil temp gauge has a green black wire coming from I don't know where, hooked up
in a similar fashion.  Volts you can figure out, I bet!

If you look at the sender from the terminal side, with the terminals pointing
up, the right side is the sender for this gauge.  the left goes (through some
intermediary circuitry, little "black box"...) to the low oil pressure warning
light through a blue/black wire.  This light (and buzzer) is handy because the
oil pressure may drop for an instant as your oil leaks out (oops) when you're
not watching the gauge (you're driving...).  Of course the black box goes
haywire and sends spurious signals, too.

Huw Powell

79,80,81,*82*,83,84,85,86,87,97 Coupe "GT" (parts is parts!)