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Re: Prospective buyer

     If you even remotely liked your 5000 you will not believe an S 4. They
are without a doubt the most complete car Audi has built for production. The
are very quick and fun to drive. They drive as accuratley as any car I.ve
driven ( it goes where you point it and doesn't sell you out when the going
gets tough. Your mother could drive it and it would'nt punish her her for
shifting into 3 rd at 35 mph. It's well sized to be useful as a family car or
for carrying clients. Excellent all around car that you can put on the track
and feel like it belongs.
     I would only caution you on being carefull about checking the car out.
>From a value point of view, whether it been hit or not is immence. Body
damage no matter how severe matters with these cars. Service history is also
important, but that can be easily rectified by doing what's necessary.
     There are a lot of cars out there with prices all over the place.
Example, I have a 93 with 52k thats an excellent car for $26,900. I've seen
several for around $28,000 - $ 28,500. Then there are some with lower miles
that are over $30,000 and even $33,500. 
     Mechanically there are really very few gliches inherent to the beast.
They seem very well thought out and built accordingly.
     Good luck