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Intercooler Cleaning

In message <19971022181226.LCEW14116@[]> Mark Pollan writes:

> With all this talk about oil on the intake system, how would one go
> about cleaning all that crud out of the intercooler?  It has to be
> affecting efficiency to some degree.

A professional degreaser.  Most serious shops will have one.

> Also, I just got off the phone with VW Parts about fuel injectors. I
> asked Eric about the viton tipped that apparently superseded the metal
> tipped ones. He said the viton rubber referred only to the o-ring and
> there is just one shrouded injector type. What am I missing as I just
> recently received what look like metal tipped. The part I received was
> 035 135 551C. I recall a different part number of 035 135 551F for the
> new ones.

Eric is possibly much more confused than you are.

Audi issued a "Technisches Merkblatt zum Reparaturleitfaden" in June 1991 
detailing the part numbers for Viton-tipped injectors.
Low pressure:  035 133 551 was replaced by 026 133 551.
High pressure: 035 133 551C was replaced by 035 133 551F.

Both are normally shipped with shrouds fitted.  For unshrouded applications, 
the shrouds should be carefully removed.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club