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Timing belt and W/P on 93 S4

Hi all-

	I have a 93 S4 that just passed 60K miles, and I scheduled it at my
mechanic (not an Audi specialist, but does excellent work) for a timing
belt and W/P swap.

	He's never done the job before (I'm slighty afraid, but again, they're
very good) and he called today (car's due in Monday) to warn me that the
timing belt swap looked straightforward, but the water pump swap is rated
at ~3 times the effort to do the timing belt. 

	Anybody BTDT?  Anything else I should replace? There's obviously some
overlap, but why would the water pump be so much more effort? Also, is it a
REALLY bad idea for someone to who hasn't done it before to take this on?



	93 S4, 88 90, looking for an UrQ!