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It's the little things

Completed two repairs on the wagon this week.  AutoCheck bulb replaced
and seat heater switch bulb replaced.  Too cool.  Not everything has to

The archived procedure for the seat heater switch is excellent.  That
repair took 15 minutes and $1.57 to complete.

The AutoCheck bulb, once properly diagnosed 8-}, was a snap.  turns out
the dealer had one in stock.  Well it was green instead of yellow, but
with my eyes, what's the diff?  Not much, believe me.  It turns out the
bulb they had was one they ordered for me a month or two ago.  It was not
the correct part for my need then (check engine bulb, no base), and I
didn't go to pick it up.  Turns out they had my phone number wrong and
weren't able to contact me to bug me to pick it up.  I don't feel too bad
since they charge list+  and anything they don't have in stock takes a
minimum of 4 days to get since they only order on Mondays and it arrives
Thursdays.  If you miss the Monday order it could take almost 10 days to
get anything thru them.  I have ordered through Linda and paid for
overnight delivery and saved money over the dealer here.  Anyway, I told
the guy I needed a yellow bulb and even pointed to it on his computer
screen where it clearly said "yellow".  He was evasive when I pointed out
that the part number sticker on the part bag he brought out said "green".
 But I was so happy to walk in and get the part I need (almost) that I
bought it anyway.  So they won in the end I guess.  I just thought the
whole thing was ironic.

Now I get to tackle the windshield washer reservoir leak that Arun posted
a couple of days ago.  While I have the headlight out I'm going to try to
wash it out to see if I can improve it's brightness.  It is noticeably
dimmer than the driver's side headlight.

Then the seat heater element.  (Was hoping to find sports seats first but
who know when that will happen)

Also going to flush the Pentosin and change the filter, per Igor and Al

This list is great!  But you already knew that.  
Hey this message is getting a bit long.  (sherlock)

Ed Kellock ................... Greenville, SC  USA
91 200qw ........................ 87 Coupe GT