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Re: Tars for a V8...

Igor sed:
>Unka Bart wrote:

>> In any event, I'm wondering about the advisability of putting 225/60s on
>> mine, on the standard wheels which are shod, at the moment, with
>> unbelievably shoddy "Pep Boys specials in 215/60s.  Any thoughts?


>if your V8 uses the same wheel/tire size as my 200TQ, then the correct size 
>would be 205/60/15. Either 215/60 or 225/60 would give you a larger wheel, 
>hence a slower start and a higher than your speedo shows it actual speed.


if your V8 uses the same wheel/tire size as *my* 200Q (UFOs, no?), then the correct size
would be 215/60/15, though 225/50/16 is also listed on the inside of the fuel filler flap.

...snip about wheels that probably won't fit my UFO's...

Henry Harper
http://www.srv.net/~hah  <- see both cars!
1991 200q
1988 GTI 16v