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Re: electrical gremlins? Coupe GT

> I tried to figger out what I could.  I _still_ need some help with this
> black/blue wire on the left side of the engine, in the round connector,
> that plugs into the harness that goes to the back up lite switch and the
> other switch in the side of the tranny.  This wire's shorted to ground
> with the key off, but is positive with the key on!

black/blue is usually ignition on, after the load reduction relay.  I bet
it's like the headlight wiring, I've found those are grounded when they're
off as well.

> I did some checking, and I've got some questions.

I'm looking at my bentley (for 1982, but a lot of color codes seem to stay
the same) and I hope I can help a little...

> color      key on       key off
> -----      ------       -------
> black/     12v +        1.6 ohms
> blue                    to ground!
> blue/      .7 ohms      .7 ohms
> red        to ground    to ground (no change)
> brown/     12v +        900 ohms
> white                   to ground
> brown      ground       ground

On mine, the reverse light switch is between a black and black/grey wire.
This would seem not to help, except that the shift indicator light switch is
between a brown and brown/white wire.  The bk/gy wire goes to the fuse box
and then directly to the reverse lights.  the bk wire is power, from S9
(fuse 9) on my car.

> Fuses number 5 and 14 don't seem to have any power whatsoever, with the
> key on or off.  Is this OK?  It sho' don't seem right!

again, wrong year info, but lets try.  S14 is the left side
parking/taillights (and S13 the right side).  The fuse is *after* the
headlight switch - so no power to either side with lights off.  S5 is
similarly wired for the rear window defogger.

> Help!  Should I go to Radio Shack, 'coz I've got questions!

No, you should get a Bentley, or at least a Haynes manual.  You truly cannot
figure out the wiring on these cars with an ohm meter.  You need to follow
the circuit, and then use your meter to verify continuity, succesful
presence of appropriate voltages, etc.

My Haynes has the same main diagram as the Bentley, the Bentley is better
cause it also has some "extra" circuits, ie power windows and mirrors,
cruise control, etc.

Huw Powell

79,80,81,*82*,83,84,85,86,87,97 Coupe "GT" (parts is parts!)

HUMAN Speakers