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Re: Why an SUV?

Well, the next time it snows, let's all wave to the guy in the Trooper when
we pass him. Ha Ha.  Seriously, I have had an SUV and I hate the damn
things.  I understand all of your arguements, but when conditions are so bad
in Colorado that my Quattro won't do, the roads are usually closed because
of all the other bozos out there.

Let's see:  They have lots of traction no matter what but they handle bad
and don't stop (in Colorado they seem to cause the most accidents).  They
have a tendency to roll easily and kill people (the great Seymore Cray of
Cray computer was killed in Colorado springs when (in a minor accident) his
Cherokee rolled and the roof caved in.  They get lousy gas mileage and are
usually driven with no passengers (environmentally irresponsible).  They sit
up high, thus blocking vision of cars behind, causing more accidents, doing
more damage because they weigh so much and the bumpers are too high.  The
lights are high so they blind oncoming drivers.  They throw up gravel like
trucks and break expensive Audi windshields and lights.  Oh yeah -- they are
no fun unless you go off-road.  I'll take my Quattro all the time thanks.
BTW, the insurance industry is finally figuring them out, a 20% surcharge is
about to be levied on SUV drivers.

Sorry for the rant -- just please don't mention minivans...

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200TQ

At 10:56 PM 10/22/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Kirby asked why an SUV vice an Audi, and why not rent for pulling duties. 
>Ground clearance... and no snickering.  After the snow begins to pack down
>and get pushed to the center of the lane, then it freezes.  
>A 4WD SUV is for traction and confidence, an AWD Audi is for balance and
>precision... and they are not incompatible.
>Doubtless to the relief of all, my last words on the topic.  I will try to
>make Lagua Seca this weekend.
>Regards, Gross Scruggs
>"Correct me if I'm right."