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>> We can't even bring ourselves to have color variations to distinguish the
>> denominations of our paper currency.

>Or size variations, to help the blind.  Or Braille notes ...

Ah but we do! Here in Florida, anyway, the (now listen carefully!)
_drive-up_ automatic teller machines are not only marked in braille, but
are required to be marked in braille. At least we KNOW what kind of drivers
we have here!

Now how about braille remote controls for VCRs?

And before anyone accuses me of being politically incorrect and insensitive
to the needs of people with handicaps, I've done work with the Library for
the Blind (talking books, etc.) here in Daytona. The only people I'm
insensitive toward are our government bureaucrats - they ought to be taken
out and shot! Slowly, so it hurts a lot!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman