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Re: Why an SUV?

Howdy Ralph,

>BTW, the insurance industry is finally figuring them out, a 20% surcharge is
>about to be levied on SUV drivers.

This levy is based on what happens when a Lincoln Navigator bangs into a
Nissan Sentra.  Most of the time SUV's hit the taillights rather than the
5mph "safety bumper" due to the taller tires, more ground clearance, and
increased bumper height.

My view on teh 20% hike is this - since auto insurance (IMHO) is a legal
form of financial rape, instead of increasing already ridiculous rates,
people with smaller cars should be given a 20% DISCOUNT rather than keep
jacking up prices.

I see two problems with SUV's for the most part -

1. People who drive them sometimes have too much confidence in foul
weather.  Rubber and ice don't mix irregardless of what you drive.

2. High center of gravity.  SUV's, absolutely in no way handle like a car.
Bless you guys (and gals) with AWD Audis.  Bet you guys don't flip :)

Though this comes from a guy who flipped a Hummer.  Twice.  But the hill
collapsed.  I think holy forces were in effect telling me to paint the
truck again.

>Sorry for the rant -- just please don't mention minivans...

Okay Ralph.  *cough*.  "Minivans" <smile>

Frederic Breitwieser
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Bridgeport, CT 06606
1989 AG Hummer 4-Door
1993 Supercharged Lincoln Continental
2000 Mid-Engine Sports Car <smile>

Seeking info on: Audi 5k Locking Diffs, Audi 5k trans bolt pattern, and
17x11" rims.