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Re: Should I put my UrQ back to stock springs? -Reply

The problem is that Konis are of course oil shocks. Adjustable
damping on oil shocks only affects the upstroke. The down
stoke is unaffected. New Konis can be compressed by hand,
but on stiffer settings cannot be pulled up by hand unless
considerable force is applied. 

I disagree that the Eibachs don't lower the car. My wheels in
the front are almost level with the wheel well arch. Judging from
other UrQ's I've seen, stock height will allow you to see the
springs from the side. I have also measured oil pan clearance
as per Steve B. and Eric and the car sits about 1" to 1.25"
lower than stock. That makes for much less travel before bump

We're talking bad roads here, large metal plates across the
road, etc. Rall y would be the ideal set up. Thanks for the

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ.

>>> <AudiQtroCp@aol.com> 10/23/97 11:55am >>>
   Eibachs never really lowered the car very much, it could be
that the
lkonis are toast.  With the stiffer spring rates and a high
pressure gas
shock, you should not even know whos the bump stop is.  
One of the guys by
me just upgraded his suspension with H&Rs' and boge turbo
gas, the rate is so
stiff that even though the ride height is lower, he'll never get
near a bump
stop.  Keep in mind that he also has 16x8in bbs wheels with
225/50x16s' on
them. I would spend the money on the shox before I'd give in to
the stock
springs.  The rate of the Eibach should be enough to overcome
the bad roads,
but if the shocks no longer provide the dampening...
   If you want the handling of an aftermarket spring, try the
H&R, your
Eibachs could just be worn out..