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A Bear of a story, and looking for a good Denver body shop

I just returned from a 2 week 4,350 mile road trip in my 97 A4Q
through S.E. Utah, Palm Springs, Yosemite and Death Valley. The A4 is
a wonderful road-trip car, as I drive the entire trip loving every
mile. Very comfortable seats and fun to drive the back roads of Utah.
I finally got to experience all 176 hp. while in Palm Springs and
Death Valley (elv. -282ft) , now I know what all you low-landers enjoy
every day.

While staying with a friend in the Yosemite Valley, I awoke the next
morning to find that a bear had attempted to gain access to my
car. Apparently it had seen something that it wanted, even though had
taken all the food inside with me.

>From the paw prints on the car it attempted to open every door from
the top, bending the chrome molding around the doors, then climbed on
top of the car and proceeded to pull at the sun-roof! It managed to
pull open the sun-roof about 3/4" and destroy the molding around the
sun-roof glass before finally giving up.

When I saw the car the next morning, I just stood there for several
minutes staring is disbelief. The roof behind the sun-roof was caved
in, and in front of the sun-roof was dented as well. Bear prints were
found all over the car. From the hood to the trunk. Every where the
bear touched it scratched the paint, for it's paws were covered in a
sandy dirt.

The car was driveable, and after taking some pictures we managed to
bend the sun-roof down a little. I didn't bother to wash the car until
I got back because I didn't want to see the damage, the dirt and the
caved in roof was enough. Every time I got in the car, I said to
myself, "F'n Bear!" ;-)

Initial damage estimates say that *every* panel on the car is
scratched, save the drivers door. So a complete repaint will be
necessary. The roof will be replaced (and probably the sun-roof also).

I called my insurance (American Family) that morning to report the
damage. I go for an official estimate next week. 

I've never had to file a claim before, nor have any extensive paint
work done on any other vehicle. What exactly is involved in a complete
repaint? Do they "strip" the car first, or just paint over the old

Does anyone know of a good auto-body shop in Denver/Boulder they they've
used and been happy with? The body-shop next-door to Continental Audi
in Littleton has a written lifetime guarantee on all work. They claim
to be the "Best in Denver". 

Well at least all the paint chips in the hood will be fixed now. ;-)

- Bob

'97 A4QM Heavily scratched and bear resistant.

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