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Re: to audi or not to audi

rogers@coredump.newjersey.sco.com wrote:

> I was about to order the new 98 1.8TQ earlier this month,

> I'm not at all
> mechanically inclined and just want a nice all weather car
> that I just fill gas in, change oil and forget about it.
> I'm probably spoiled by owning all those hondas/toyotas.
> The list gave me the impression that the Q will give me all
> I expect from a nice car but will also create a big hole
> in my pocket for all of the non-scheduled repair work.
> I'm kinda scared of all those stories about rebuilding
> engines, changing timing belts and water pumps etc, granted
> all of the stories were of older cars and that is precisely
> the reason I don't have the guts to buy an older car.
> Basically, I want to get your opinions on audi reliability
> 'cause I love the car but won't get it if there is a good chance
> of getting into lots of additional repairs outside of scheduled
> maintenance.

On Audi reliability issue:
older 5000 were a nightmare (my '85 for one)
the 4000 are said to be pretty reliable
newer 200 are damn good, approaching the reliability of a Camry (my '89 for one)
the A4 is said to be even better than that. I am sure that the current A4 owners 
on the list will contribute their first hand impressions

The '98 A4TQ, that you have your eye on, will give you 3year/50000mi
warranty PLUS all scheduled maintanance for free. You can't do any better than 
that be it a Camry or an Accord.
Given the fact that you're not likely to mod the car, why don't you just lease 
it. Yes, you'll always have payments, but you'll never have to get your hands 
dirty. Ever.

As far as *to audi or not to audi* goes, my personal slogan is:
*why would anyone buy just a car, when the mankind has invented a quattro?!*

Yes, I am biased, I admit :)

Good luck. The wait is long, the cars are scarce  and they ain't gonna bargain!

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ - on order...again. For the third time and counting.
Philadelphia, PA