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Goodbye for now

Just to let anyone know (should they be in the least bit interested), I 
leave the Press Assocation tomorrow. Its been an interesting 5 1/2 years 
and Ive learnt a lot. 
I first joined the Quattro mailing list back in 92, then unsubscribed for 
a year or two. I rejoined the list around this time last year and bought 
my quattro a short time later. 
I will be on email at my new company, but I don't know when I will rejoin 
the list, I'll have to see how the workload goes.
All I can say is thankyou to everyone (especially Phil) for all the help 
and *top tips* over the last year or so.

If anyone does want to email me, they can use this address for a while, 
or mike@domino.org

My new email address should be mpb@demon.net (yes, Im going to Demon), 
but Im not sure yet.

All the best, and maybe I'll pop in at a "southern" QOC meeting over the 
next week or two.


Michael Burton
Systems Administrator, PA Data Design
4 Wheels - Audi Quattro			UK Audi Quattro Owners Club
4 Legs   - Dexter			He's a funky kind of horse
2 Legs   - Shanks Pony                  Last resort