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RE: AC Repair

Thanks for the info.  The plan is to have the shop that fried the clutch take a look for obstructions tomorrow.  I will be mentioning the accumulator filter issue and then we'll consider what to do before any new parts go on to the car.  

I have to admit that I don't remember seeing a canister of that size other than the fuel filter and the "bomb" for the power steering/brake boost hydraulic circuit.  I will look tonight.  Does anyone on the list have a hint?

Thanks to all again!
From: 	Al Powell[SMTP:apowell@agcom.tamu.edu]
Sent: 	Thursday, October 23, 1997 3:03 PM
To: 	Peter G. Rossato
Subject: 	RE: AC Repair

> Thanks for the advice.  I too have found a source of lower cost
> rebuilt compressors.  We have Trak Auto here (Maryland) and they
> have a unit for about $130.  Had I done my homework earlier I would
> have gone that route first.  I would replace only the clutch if it
> avoids opening the refrigerant lines since it would be cheaper than
> the cost to evacuate/r&r the compressor/recharge the system.  Given
> your recommendation of checking the accumulator/screen, I may have
> to do all that anyways.  

I suggest that doing it is a good way to avoid buying yet ANOTHER 
clutch.  You need to find the reason the clutch went out - and I also 
suspect obstruction.
> BTW, do you know where the accumulator and filter screen are located
> in the system?

Accum. is a alumnium canister, usually 4-5 inches in diameter and 10" 
or so long.  I believe it's under the weather shield between engine 
firewall and body firewall.  Screen is a tiny tubular job which is 
usually inserted into one or the other hose which screws onto the 

I don't honestly recall exactly where they were on my 84.  You might 
post to the list on those specific details.

Good luck, Peter!

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