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Re: Manuals/Bentley vs. Haynes

QSHIPQ@aol.com wrote:

<past quotes...>
> >> I would go with the Bentley.  The Haynes has pretty good schematics, but
> >> the Bentley is more complete.  Haynes is almost useless for non-mechanical
> >> work
> Having both in my possession, I would say almost the opposite.  Haynes
> assumes you know nothing (heck there are pix on how to change headlight
> bulbs), Bentley has a lot of neat phrases like "remove lower subframe
> assembly" and "remove engine" kind of statements that assumes that one has
> done these jobs a hundred times before.  Procedures like steering lock
> replacement and ignition switch R&R are detailed in Haynes, not even
> addressed in Bentley.  For the totally un-inclined or fully equipped desired,
> get both.

I concur with Scott.  The Bentley is made for mechanics.  I'd almost say 
German ones at that.  The Bentley is a guide.  Very detailed, but no
instructions in it.

The Haynes (in the words of Denzel in Philadelphia), "Explains it to you 
like your a 2 year old."

I too have both.