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Re: 5kTQ/200Q Suspension

Hairy green toads from Mars made Scott Oliver say:

> If any of you have recently replaced rubber suspension parts on a
> 5kTQ/200Q and happen to have kept a list of part nos., could you email
> me privately?  I'm putting in the Eibachs and Konis, and will obviously
> replace the upper strut bushings, subframe bushings, etc, but I want to
> be sure I get all the other little rubber pieces I'm likely to need before
> I take eveything apart.

I don't know if they're all the same as the 5kTQ, but I replaced
all the aforementioned bits on my '89 100Q (pretty much an '88 5kQ)
about 16 - 18 months ago.

I sent a complete writeup with part numbers and prices from Linda
at Carlsen to the list. You could check the archives.


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