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Re: 5000tq mods

t 08:33 AM 10/23/97 -0600, Dave L. wrote:

>who are running these "programmed" boxes.

I guess what irritates me is that many people have done a _lot_ of work on
the code, and shared it FREELY with personnel on the list in pursuit of
increased Audi performance - now suddenly someone want to profit from their
latest version. I pay enough to my dealer without getting gouged anywhere else.

I have and will continue to offer assistance to this list without regard to
profit margin - this is my hobby.  I have sold ECUs for 35.00 I found in the
junkyard. Pulled an entire WOT wiring harness and sold it for 15.00. When
our 17" living room table expert needed front headlights after a close
encounter I sold him my spares for 50.00. Rear light bars for 50.00. ad
neauseum... The result is that I have a group of friends and aquaintances
that share my zeal and excitement in a great car - most of whom I've never
met personally.

I believe people should make a few bucks in their pursuit of fun, but this
"I've got a secret" and "mine's bigger than yours and I won't tell you why"
stuff really irritates me.

We've shared not only cars, but births, deaths and the illnesses of our
loved ones (most of whom can't understand what all the commotion is about
just a _car_...). Those of you who've been on the list awhile understand.

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