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Backlit guage info

In message <971023120228_274763468@emout12.mail.aol.com> AudiQtroCp@aol.com writes:

> I don't think there is a snowballs chance in h*ll that you will get 25 people
> to agree on anything here.  The best thing for you to do is to talk to
> someone who can mass market them,  that will be the key to the price problem.

> I'm actually working on a set for the front lit gauges of the UrQ and the 4k
> series.  But I don' t have the resources to attempt it for the backlit
> gauges.

Front-lit gauges?  ur-quattro?  How many?

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club